Tank’s Day Out

It’s not that often that Tank get’s a day out that’s all about him. Usually, we have to think quite hard about locations, travel time, stairs and wee breaks if he’s going to be with us all day. He’s like an old man now. His back injury means he has to be carried up and down steps and he can’t be on his feet for too long at a time. Not that he realises that, I think he just reckons he’s old enough now to be treated like a precious prince that’s happy to be lugged around, all 2 stone of him, legs dangling without a care, off to his next sniffing destination.


But last weekend he had a day out all to himself with a visit to Greenwich park and then on to the super dog friendly Allegory for lunch.  He even had his very own bottle of beer, Bottom Sniffer… I think they could have come up with a slightly less off-putting name but obviously, it works for him! They also serve Pawsecco to thirsty pups (not to be substituted for water of course).


The menu’s not too bad for us human folk either with a good selection of hearty favourites – burgers, pies, fish and chips and of course a creme brulee on the pudding menu! They also have cosy blankets, hot water bottles and papers to be grabbed and enjoyed outside. Not sure about anyone else but one of my favourite things is being outside reading the paper cosy in a blanket with a tea if its a little chilly! I’m one of those strange people that enjoys winter just as much as summer.

I’m not sure whether it was the excitement of the day out or the new and interesting ingredients in the doggy beer but we had a very fragrant ride home!  😂




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