A Day Date With The Dinosaurs

One of the best things about being with little people is that you get to revisit being a little person yourself AND you get to go to kiddy attractions. Having said that, if I had gone to Dinosaurs In The Wild when I was younger I think I would have wet my pants with fear. Kids seem to be made of stronger stuff these days, or at least stuff that just turns around and says ‘none of it’s real’ and then starts giggling. So much for Raph and my play acting then….

All jokes aside Dinosaurs In The Wild is really impressive. I don’t want to tell you too much about it so as not to give the game away but the basic premise is that you are taken in a time machine back to the year ‘Dino’ to visit a time base where they are studying the great beasts of times past!



Whilst there, you’re taken on a tour of the base complete with realistic animals, hatchlings, educational autopsies and more!

Just a word of warning though.. if have little ones that are a bit more fearful than my step-son it may be one to leave until they are a bit older, I would say it’s a definite 6+.

Another word of warning is parking – although this place looks like it has parking out the front, it doesn’t. You need to park in the North Greenwich Station/O2 parking. It’s £6 for 2 hours and it’s a five-minute walk down the road if you park to the back of the carpark where there’s an exit. As the tours are timed I would factor this into planning.



Taking all that into account though I really recommend it,  it’s a great outing. I promise you’ll be impressed!



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