You work hard, you put in time and effort with friends and family, you try to see the good in situations, set goals and get on with life but still you’re still coming up short in the happy stakes?

It’s Time To Change All That.

I’m Lu, I coach women who want to think clean and get more from life.

Does any of the following ring true to you?

– You feel undervalued in your job or career.

– You have a great career but feel something is still lacking.

– You are in a relationship that’s simply not addressing your wants or needs.

– However hard you try with goals and mindset you keep hitting a blocks.

– You feel whole heartedly that there is more out there for you.

Well good news… there is.

It’s not always easy jumping ship from something that’s not working for you or making changes in your life where needed to find your Happy, your own personal ‘More’ but that is where I can help.

How did I get here?

In 2004, I was making pretty good money, I had a cool flat in London and a great bunch of friends. BUT I was stuck in a non-prospect 9-5 PA job with a boss that undervalued and undermined me, doing daily tasks that frankly insulted my capabilities and left me deflated and miserable when I thought about my future. I actually felt that unless I found a partner that had better career prospects my future looked bleak.

Beyond Ridiculous right?

I came to my senses, quit my job full of hope and excitement and embarked on a long series of fruitless interviews where I was consistently told I lacked experience. The only option was to create a job for myself – I knew full well I had the ability to do what I wanted to. In 2005 I started a print publication that ran for 8 years. During this time I gave Ellie Goulding, Tinie Tempah, Paloma Faith and Example their first front covers. I gave Ed Sheeran, Vicky Mcclure and John Boyega their first print interviews. I was giving people a platform to share their talent and the chance to write, shoot and style when they were ‘lacking experience’ and I was immensely proud.

Then something dawned on me.

I had a great business doing really exciting things, I was working with great brands, bands and artists, creating something I was heart achingly proud of, but I still felt something was missing. I had spent so much time working and proving I could build this business that I had neglected other things in my life. Relationships, general me time, time off, holidays – I didn’t know what they were any more.

I realised again that I had to take action.

I took it down a notch, refocused and re-centered. I took time to decide what I really wanted out of life. Took the bits I was proud of, the bits I wanted to improve on, the bits I knew made me happy and I removed the rest. I taught myself to clear my thoughts and connect with both myself and the now. During this time I ended a relationship that was simply not meeting my needs, I let go of frustration and bitterness towards those who had said I couldn’t build a business myself, I took on clients for brand and start up consultation and I stopped focussing on keeping up with an industry or others rather than keeping up with me.

I am now engaged to a wonderful man, loving that my work gives me life flexibility yet still allows me to help people find their perfect lives which is what I’m passionate about. I have a host of tools and knowledge gathered throughout my journey and have used this to help numerous women find their ‘something more’.

I am passionate about helping women stand up for themselves to get the life their deserve.



>> Because there is more to life than just work.

>> Because you have a choice

>> Because you deserve better.

>> Because there is more out there for you.






>> Decide what you really want from life and how you’re going to get it
>> Motivate yourself into action to find your ‘more’
>> Stop wasting time and building up regrets
>> Fuel your own happiness