Renovation Throwbacks


I’m annoyed with myself that I didn’t start this blog at the beginning of our renovation, so much dust and so much strife! And with a wedding to plan, a heart attack (not me) and dog with a slipped disc all going on at the same time! It was a tough four months.

There is a massive list of things I will do differently next time, like buy more ‘coverage’ to protect everything we own, keep a much closer eye on builders and buy some sort of temporary cooking apparatus so we don’t have to live off Pot Noodles and toast.  But that’s for another post.

In the meantime, I thought I would at least put together some of our before and afters as it’s always a nice reminder of how much we’ve done in this place!



The bathroom walls were a total mess when we started, turns out a plant had grown through the wall and found a lovely cosy damp spot for it’s roots behind the shower tiles!



The bedroom wasn’t too bad in general but we wanted to put in an en-suite which added to the dust and general carnage of the situation. Trying to keep a cat from getting stuck under floorboards is no fun for anyone.



This cellar was the bane of my life! Rotten beams hiding and needing to be replaced,  so much damp proofing! (I hate damp). And the floor, don’t get me started on the floor. One rule I have learned – always ready the label! Especially on industrial silicon-based floor coverings. And whatever you do, even if you think it’s dry – keep your cat away from it or else emergency vet visits (and bills) will follow.



The now study was originally the kitchen. We thought the previous owners had left us a handy oven to use during the renovation until we turned it on and the whole room filled with the smell of gas!



This is the room where we did the least work. Just decorating and a new radiator. It was also the room I had to live and work in for 4 months with all our worldly possessions piled high around me and Tank (our doggy) recovering in his cage.



How our sofa survived in this room, in the middle of the flat for 4 months, covered in just a sheet I will never know #trooper.



You can see loads more mid and post-renovation pictures on my Insta.


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