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Housing a dog, a cat, multiple utensils and a visiting 6 year old should be a doddle when designing a kitchen right?

We’ve been working with Masterclass, a kitchen maker I wasn’t too familiar with before I happened upon them. I first noticed their really cool, colourful and modern cabinet options, although not something I would necessarily want myself (I’m more of a traditionalist) they were exciting enough to get me searching the site.  And lucky I did! As they had just what I was looking for, a modern-meets-French-traditional cupboard door in a perfect pale and some great storage ideas – always important for stocking pot noodles and Chinese herbs!

Just thinking out loud here, maybe I should invest in an industrial extractor fan…..

It’s going to be a fairly big kitchen/diner open space and I really want to have some clear ‘areas’ within the big open plan-ness of it all. Mr Potnoodle is much more of an open plan lover than me, I’m stuck in the past I’m afraid and much prefer individual rooms with functions over large drafty spaces.

Luckily we are lucky enough to see our ideas come to life in the below drawings. Sometimes it’s a bit tough to transport yourself to a place of ‘interior design zen visualisation’ when you have three builders eating their sandwiches in front of you, sandy broken floorboards under your feet and plain sky (no roof yet) above your head.

We’re going for ‘Scotts grey’ on the doors, which is a stoney/chalky white. After going all out dark in our last renovation I want some light in my life and I’m hoping this kitchen, once finished will provide it!

Take a gander at where we’re headed –

We are currently toying with the left-hand corner as our glass doors through to the living room are likely to butt up against the cupboards when open. It’s a toss-up between open shelving and extra cupboards or Tank’s own art gallery. He tells me that providing it’s a modern representation of his favourite chewed up, flattened, filthy toy we should go with the latter…

Although all this beautiful kitchen dreaming is a little way off as currently, the space looks like this:


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  1. Abi Stokes
    November 21, 2018 / 6:46 pm

    Definitely kitchen two! Less cluttered.

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