Later is a Dirty Word

What has later ever done for you?

Later makes you late… For everything. For opportunities. For progress. For commitments. For feeling happy.

And if you continue to use the word later, it will ensure you never get to where you want to be or do what you want to do.

When has later ever worked out for you? It’s never helped me that’s for sure. It made sure that I had interest build up on loans, it made me spend too long in situations that were not right for me and helped me to make all sorts of excuses which kept me apart from the life I wanted, slowly making sure I felt miserable.  I am really not a fan of later.

When we put things off to delay ‘doing’, make excuses and give ourselves alternative things to keep us distracted, we only harm ourselves. Whether we put things off through fear, laziness, unwillingness or self doubt I can tell you one thing for sure – you won’t get a better outcome from it than you would if you just got on and DID STUFF.

With regards to grand plans – these will not be achieved if you keep company with later. With regards to things you aren’t looking forward to doing – these things will not go away. In fact they will loom larger in your avoiding, later loving mind. Ask yourself this – how much better would you feel if you didn’t have to worry about doing ‘that thing’? The answer is – tons better.

So do it – then it’s done, and you can forget about it and move on to something else.

I have two new rules for you.

1. If something is going to take less than 10 minutes – do it right now.

There are many things we put off that take such little time to get done. And a lot of little things that don’t take long to do stack up into big things. This can be seen in two ways – a lot of little things stack up into a whole load of work – or  – a lot of little things stack up into a whole load of amazing goal reaching. Everywhere you have ever been you have got their one step at a time. If only you were fitted with a GPS tracker since birth you would be able to see the visual enormity of this fact.

2. If you are putting off something because it scares you, or you feel it will be unpleasant – do it as soon as you possibly can.

Questions to ask yourself are: Do you feel better at the moment NOT doing this thing? How will you feel after this thing is done? No matter what the outcome – you would have ‘done the deed’ and thats one less uncomfortable thing to be worrying about.

The more you do, the more you will find it easier to get on and do things in the future. Even if it feels like a hard push at first, with each thing you force yourself to get on with you will build trust in yourself and show yourself what you can achieve when you just get on and DO.  Later has no place here.

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