Get A 6 Figure Feeling In 5 Ways – They’re Free!

Make your first six figures, live your dream life, get your first 5 clients and get making your dream… There’s so much of it about.

But these goals missing something vital – the link between performance and mood and the lack of long term link between mood and things.

You can create a 6 figure mood for yourself, for nothing – the very same feeling as you would have with your 6 figure month or your first 5 clients – it’s free and it’s the attitude and the feeling that will get you that 6 figures or that client or those life goals. It’s a massive circle of positivity, the good news is that it’s free and it’s totally within your control.

Have you noticed that-

If you are having an up day:

  • You focus more on the positive and miss a lot of the negative.
  • You have more energy & focus.
  • You are kinder to yourself as you’re in a good mood (just like you are kinder to your partner and friends when you are in a good mood/having a good day).
  • You take more chances – because hey, what could go wrong?
  • You’re more willing to think around situations than let them stop you.

If you are on a down day:

  • You focus on the negative.
  • You give up easily.
  • You have a lack of energy.
  • You are harsher on yourself (just as you are to family, loved ones and friends when you are in a bad mood).
  • You take less chances because – well, why bother?
  • You are more likely to get stumped at a roadblock, admit defeat and try to cheer yourself up with some sugar.

Now here’s the crunch –

If you’re not happy and have a down outlook it doesn’t matter how much money you make, how many clients you get or if you reach your specific milestone…. If you are not able to control your mood and be happy within yourself you’re still going to come back to that down place. It will swiftly after your initial rush from hitting these milestones as these milestones don’t fundamentally change your mental state, you do.

However if YOU can fundamentally change your mental state you will feel like 6 figures without needing to make it, you will find it easier to motivate yourself, to achieve, and you will start feeling better instantly instead of only giving yourself permission to feel good when you hit certain markers. This is no way to live.

When you reach your milestones they should be the cherry on the cake of a happy life! It’s about your every day, your every minute, it’s not so much about the peppered goals throughout. You need to live in between not strive from one to the next.

The good news? Your ‘feel’ and your ‘mood’ are totally within YOUR control and to top it off – free to change.

You want to know how?

Grab my 5 Steps To A 6 Figure Mood.


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