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Working from home is great. Trying to work out where to put a study in an open plan kitchen/diner is not so great. Cue arguments, frustrated scribbling on floor plans and an extra glass of wine to calm your nerves. After several attempts at fitting some sort of closed-off desk-sized area into our floorplan, we gave up. Then, I had one of my finer moments and came upon a brainwave – a shed in the garden!

Working in a shed outside the house (however basic that sounds) is perfect for me. I like having a division between work and home and I like spaces to have their own functions. Having certain rooms fulfil their purposes at certain times of the day kind of sets me on the right track. Kitchen- morning and lunch, study- work time, living room- end of the day.  I can’t be working where I eat breakfast, it kills my mojo. But if I don’t feel like working I can trick myself by ‘allowing’ work to commence on the sofa like some sort of self-talk bargaining chip – getting an idea how my odd balls brain works? Good.

As a side note, a space that also makes it highly impractical to wear pyjamas is a plus.

So, a space in the garden with enough square footage for a desk, some shelves and a Tank bed is on the cards and I can’t wait.  But because I have to wait, we still have a little while before completion, I am doing the next best thing, mood boarding!

My plan is to steal a little Insta inspiration from @kate.at.number8 and @daisyemerson for starters. And of course find my shed in the first place. The grand shed erection will no doubt turn into a great DIY project as I’m pretty sure we’ll have to level ground, put it up and insulate it ourselves. How I will balance on a ladder to sort out the top of the walls I don’t know but we’ll worry about that when the time comes.

For now I’m more interested in the matching boxes and wallpaper I can get from Naken and choosing a colour for this amazing old-school radiator I found at Bisque. You just plug it in the wall!

I’ve also wanted a lemon lollypop tree ever since I moved into our current renovation so that goes back on the list and I think in front of a white painted shed will look beyond cute. Ripe and ready lemons for garden G&Ts

I can’t wait to get going! Good news is it’s going to be project number 1 on the list soon as we get access to the house!


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  1. Alice Letters to my Daughter
    May 10, 2018 / 6:56 pm

    The lemon tree is cute! My dad built my mum a “shed” in the garden to use as an office, she loves it! ENjoy yours when it is built! #BlogCrush

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