There is a job that doesn’t require a laptop. And you can smash it.

How well do you currently feel you’re living your life? Do you reckon you’re doing a good job? Ready to get a promotion? Upped pay? Or do you think you’re destined for a visit to HR?

If you had other lives to lead and needed to sub-contract ‘life living’ out, what skill set would you be looking for? What type of person? What relevant experience? What CV would catch your eye?

You need to be employable for you, for your life- otherwise what the hell are you doing here?

So how do you make sure you are the best person for the job?

You begin to think of yourself a little bit like a successful business would. Check in with yourself, see how you’re doing. Have debriefs, look at how experiences went and learn from them/build on them. Have crisis management meetings to make plans – with you, yourself and ….. well… you.

It may all sound a little Jekyll and Hyde but whether we like it or not, most of us have a few voices in our heads – why not get them all working collaboratively to make sure you’re forming the kind of person you would pay good money to running your life.

If you are someone that finds it hard to step out of the box and view yourself from a distance this is a practice that should help you to find it easier.

Viewing yourself from a distance helps with so many things in life. It’s pretty much the reason that friends problems seem so straight forward and yours so complex. Viewing yourself at a distance helps with frustration, in arguments and with communication as well as to be balanced in views, opinions and reactions.

So have a good meeting with yourself and question whether you are doing your job ‘being you’ justice. It’s a really privileged role you know.

Be the boss of you – the boss that brings balance, accountability and encouragement, day in, day out. And be the employee that would be headhunted for Google.

Have some time? Write the job description. Then spend next week being the ideal candidate.


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