Renovation 2 Is Go!

This stopped and started so many times I almost lost count. At one point we both sat on the sofa staring at the wall, accepting that we’d lost the house. At another point, we were so frustrated we wanted to call the whole thing off ourselves.

But life is sent to try us, isn’t it my loves? And therefore we kept on trying and managed to push through to exchange. To be honest it’s only just starting to sink in now that we’ve actually done it.

Although we met a few horrors through the process, we were also lucky enough to find a couple of real diamonds. Without their amazingness, there is no way we would have hung on in there like we did. They were so great at their jobs that I’ve been inspired to make a ‘Awesome People‘ list where I’m going to list them and any other brilliant people (hopefully!) we meet along the way.

So without further ado, let me introduce you to project two which we will be calling… The Manor.

Here we have the living room.  Complete with rotting ceiling light, dangerous gas burner and stained carpet that seems to be hiding a somewhat squiffy floor…

Particular highlights are the multi-layered curtains and dark brown ‘wood effect’ plastic windows.

The kitchen has a subtle scent of cat wee rather than freshly brewed coffee and appliances are somewhat lacking. Oh hang on… sorry, this isn’t the kitchen- it’s actually one half of THE BATHROOM ?!?!

The other half of the bathroom, separated by a stud wall put up half way across the window, is more traditional, including stained bath, loo and sink. These are not green tiles they are lino… on the wall.

There may be life in the bath though it’s a little too early to say. When you look past the staining you can see that it’s actually a roll top that could have a whole renovation story of it’s own… something I plan to look into.

Here is the kitchen! You will note how maximum light is achieved by ripping apart the curtains and we will never be short of hot water with a built-in water heater separate from the boiler! The only thing to change in here is to clean the ample empty cat food tins from the floor, the rest is just hunky dory!

And finally for now, the bedroom. Retro fireplace – tick. Peeling wallpaper – tick. Falling curtains masking plastic windows – tick. Thick dust covering fake coals on an old electric fire – tick.

Just the way we love it!



  1. Lottie
    November 13, 2020 / 11:34 am

    What area of London is this? It’s a beaut!

    • Lu
      November 13, 2020 / 1:16 pm

      Thank you! It’s just outside Greenwich x

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