Our Baby Monitor

I have to start off by saying this is not an ad or sponsored post, I decided to write it purely because I get so many questions about which baby monitor we use and would we recommend it on Insta. So for those that want the short answer, it’s a Kodak Cherish and yes, we would.

We shopped about for an age deciding on the best baby monitor before we had Sylvie and found that it’s actually it really hard to make a decision. There’s a lot of conflicting information out there. Almost every good review had a counter bad review and we wanted to get it right but also not spend a ton of money. I think every parent is a bit windy when they imagine leaving their baby alone in a room.

After a lot a reading (mostly from Mr Potnoodle, credit where credit’s due) we decided on the Kodak Cherish. It’s wifi enabled and you can connect it to your phone as well as the monitor it comes with so you effectively end up with multiple monitors should you want them and much better battery life, something we found out is quite low for almost every brand out there.

The image and night vision is really clear although be ready for creepy shining baby eyes if they’re not asleep! This freaked me out so much when I first used it. I suddenly had a demon baby baby with shining eyes!

Night vision, connectivity and battery life were probably the most important to us. Although the camera was going to stay in the same place we wanted to be able to move the monitor around and not have to think about plugs. I usually get through a whole days naps now without having to put the monitor on charge which is about 3-4 hours sleep time.

The only thing I would bring up though it doesn’t really bother me is that there’s a very slight delay in sound, just a couple of seconds. But handy features like being able to turn the brightness of the screen down for night time by the bed makes up for it. Another thing that worried us on reading reviews was the dropping of connection which came up on so many of the cameras as a complaint. But with this monitor we only have the odd glitch that lasts a couple of seconds at most and unless I take the monitor out to the garden it rarely happens. Even then, you can still hear, it’s just the image that freezes up briefly.

The monitor shows the temperature in the room as well which I find really handy. Although it should be noted that because the camera heats up a little bit whilst it works you have to minus a degree or two to get the true temp.

Other things I love is that the camera direction can be controlled via the monitor and is silent as you like, with a really good range. Handy when you wake up in the night to think your baby’s missing and have to scroll down to the very bottom of the cot so see where they’ve wriggled themselves to! You can also speak through it which has proved to be more, handy intercom between myself and Mr Potnoodle than Sylvie calm down option.

It also has a split screen feature which I am sure would be really handy if you have more than one kiddy to keep an eye on.

We’ve been really pleased with it and would totally recommend hence why I’ve dedicated a whole darn blog post to it! So yep, there’s the long answer!


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