An Autumn Weaning Menu

As a few of you have been liking my recent Cooking with Sylvie lives I thought I could go one step further and offer up some weaning ideas as I get so much great feedback and questions on what I’m feeding Sylvie.

I made a firm decision right from the start that I wanted her to basically eat what we eat and vice versa. The idea was that us eating what she ate would make us healthier and her eating what we ate would hopefully broaden her palate and avoid a fussy eater later on down the line – the latter will come out in the wash.

I’ve been trying my best to cook everything for her rather than buying pouches etc although I do use Ella’s Kitchen if I know we’re going to be out and about or if either one of us is having a particularly difficult day 😂.

But coming up with three balanced meals every day wasn’t the easiest task and I kept finding myself staring blankly into the fridge thinking about cutting up some tomatoes and an avocado but being frustrated that that wasn’t what I wanted to do.

So I started meal planning on a Sunday, ordering online that evening or Monday morning and I’ve not looked back since. It’s made my life so much easier and seeing her meals set out over the week helps me to balance what she’s having when it comes to fish/meat/carbs and vitamins etc.

I am no dietitian. I just do my research and try my best, I also try to keep things fairly simple or speedy for the sake of my own sanity! I work our evening adult meals into hers for ease and have found that since I’ve been feeding myself the same way I feel Sylvie I’ve started feeling a lot better in myself too, not to mention finally beginning to get back down to my pre-preggo weight. Having said that, I’m not overly fussed about this these days but it’s a nice side effect.


So now, because I’m convinced you’ll find them as handy as I do, I’m sharing my meal plans with you, the first being an Autumnal one. I try to eat the seasons/festive periods where possible so expect Bonfire night and Christmas weeks soon!

I do Monday to Friday because weekends are less predictable and there will always be some leftovers from the week rolling about in the fridge if needed. I’ve put a little pack together with a menu plan, recipes for anything that may not be immediately obvious and a shopping list!

I’ve been feeding Sylvie all the kind of meals featured since she was 7 months, except the snacks which are suggestions for around 8 Months +, though use your Motherly discretion as every baby is different.
With each meal I try to offer something to hold and something to spoon as that somewhat messy/somewhat controlled system works for me. It gets more food in her belly and allows her to feed herself at the same time.

So if you’re interested you can find it over at Babe + Babble, the download is just £1.50 as it’s a trial run and I’d love any feedback.

I can’t actually believe I’ve not even posted about Babe + Babble yet! Shows how my systems are all up the spout but Sylvie’s tummy comes first so this was an easy write up!

Autumn baby weaning ideas

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