Be Your Own Present This Christmas

Have you made your Christmas list yet? Is it full of stuff you are sure – that once you have it – will make your life that little bit more complete? For a while at least? Well how about forgetting all that (not entirely of course – we all need a couple of Christmas perks!) and focusing on being your own Christmas present?

What would you like to unwrap on Christmas day that isn’t material – a new job, a new outlook on life? A new feeling in your belly of excitement about what you’re building for yourself or pride at what you have accomplished?

There is still the best part of two months to go until Santa pays us a visit. Make sure you wake up on Christmas morning to the best present ever – yourself.

Don’t give up now and look towards New Year for all your life changes, new efforts, resolutions to begin. Start now and you’ll be that much further in come December the 25th. You can achieve a hell of a lot in this time so make a plan, make a goal and get going – now, today.

If you want to do a little personal TLC coaching before hand to point you in the right direction, you can download my free ‘You Matter’ starter course here.


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