We’re In Ideal Home Magazine!

When I started @thehousepotnoodlebuilt I never thought I would end up incorporating interiors so much into my writing, let alone have a blog part dedicated to it and certainly not that we would end up with our renovation in Ideal Home! But there we are, Tank and I staring out from a double page spread looking a little awkward but very proud of the space we’ve created. Tank didn’t do too much creating actually, more the odd wee on a new rug and spreading peanut butter from his Kong all over my newly painted floorboards….

This seems like a good opportunity to thank you lot. You have all been so wonderful with your kind messages about the piece (and many kind messages in general). I wouldn’t have even known it was out yet if I hadn’t been alerted by some of you when you first spotted us! So thanks to you lovely lot for taking an interest, reading this blog and having chats with us on Insta! Again, not so much chats with Tank, though he does look at the messages sometimes, I’m not too sure of his reading abilities.


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