Timeless Trends: Floral China

My mother has always had a thing for China, she has cupboards and drawers and dressers of the stuff. She’s always been partial to a bulk box buy at an auction and always had a great eye for a beautiful set of porcelain.

China, first began in China – no surprises there and took on the name as for centuries it was only China that could produce items in the quality and quantity that people desired as a love of dinnerware blossomed across Europe and beyond. In the 1700’s we (being Britain) got in on the act and today, England is at the center of fine china production.

This all means you’re in the perfect place (if you’re reading this in the UK!) to go on a hunt around your locale to see what beautiful floral plates you can find. You can of course buy new, I love these Pink Pheasant plates from Burliegh (maybe I just added them to my cart 🙈) and I love this blue and white option from Dunelm too. But there is soo much on offer on the second hand market you would be doing yourself a disservice to not check here too.

Although trends in pattern and colour may shift there is something about a floral plate or a piece of blue and white that stands the test of time so elegantly. Of course, you can get your plates, bowls and cups from anywhere cheap and ten a penny these days but I suggest it’s worth seeking out and investing in some older floral companions or spending a little on a dinner-set from one of the greats, Spode, Royal Doulton, Wedgwood…These guys know their stuff and there’s a reason why some have been in business for around 300 years. This stuff will be coming out at special occasions for years to come.

Don’t feel like you need a whole set though, especially when it comes to garden parties, going in to the summer months I find there’s nothing quite like a mix and match of floral, colourful plates, bowls and cups to elevate an outdoor table.

Don’t forget blue and white china vases whilst you’re searching too, another floral china item that keeps a constant level of sophistication and English charm – a collection of blue and white vases make any home look stately and as an added bonus you don’t have to worry about water colour turning a little ‘off’ here, like you do with glass. And as a final tip off – add in a hand block print table cloth and you’re switching your timeless trend to a right ‘on point’ one for this summer.

Whether you’re selecting specially sourced antique china or rummaging through the junk shop, always keep an eye out for a pretty design and and as with anything interiors build a collection that you personally love – it will stand the test of time, always look pretty and unique on your table and, you can pass it on to your children.


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