Small Kitchen Tips, My Camden Moodboard


My Camden kitchen is a little sideline project before the flat goes on the market. It needed an overhaul and a freshen up so with a budget of £5k (to spruce up the entire flat) I got thinking about creating small spaces with maximum style.

We always go for marble in our own places but for this one, we wanted a more cosy vibe and so a wood worktop will hopefully give this little gem of a kitchen a kind of bistro feel. Touches of dark in the right places against maximum pale will make it look bigger whilst still keeping it cosy.

The small space is leaving me a little stumped for table options at the moment, even though the space is big enough to have a couple of stools in, it’s just finding the right ones. We need stools that can neatly tuck under a table for when they’re not in use with simple bases and a narrow footprint… all things that will allow you to squeeze a little dining area into the smallest of kitchens. For now though, the hunt here continues.

Whether this kitchen will shortly have a new owner or not, I simply can’t get away from my love of gold. Gold really should be treated as a neutral. It gives such an air of opulence to a room that there’s no way this kitchen is getting away gold free. Small does not mean basic. Gold next to dark wood… perfection.

The plan also incorporates some round, opaque lighting, something I’m being increasingly drawn to at the moment and which seems to compliment a smaller room. I love the way a circular light wraps in on itself giving a room more space and an opaque glass keeps away stark light that highlights shadows and creates divides.

New integrated appliances are a must! In a space that’s 8.5 by 9ft, keeping it all seamless makes such a difference when the plan is to make a space look as big as tootin’ darn possible!

I’ll have the before and after up for you shortly but in the meantime, I wanted to jot down my pre-thoughts and mood board for y’all! I have no idea why I’ve come over all Southern American, maybe it’s all this dark wood.


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