Renovation 101 – Be your own project manager

At the start of last year, after doing multiple build projects of our own we decided to start a design and build company. As many of you guys who have followed us for some time on instagram will know, it’s how the name and the account started. We had a really good run of it completing 10 projects over 2019 and then as I thought about maternity leave and we brought on two new teams for 2020 Covid struck…

Sadly our new business was one of the casualties. We were forced into the tough decision to shut up shop just one year in. There were far far worse casualties for many people though so we’re not going to dwell. Wether we try again or not down the line now that Sylvie is here, I don’t know. But for the moment I’m going to concentrate on our little girl and make some decisions come 2012.

In the mean time, I know so many of you are doing projects and looking to start projects and I feel there is a ton of information I can share to help you along the way. I’m going to put together a series of posts to pass on everything I’ve learnt through our years of buying and renovating houses. I’ll try to split up info as much as I can into categories and put together a really comprehensive collection of all the info you would need to know how to manage your own build. Or, if you have a project manager handy, at least make sure you’re not missing anything. It’s so easy to do when you’re knee deep in dust and bags of multi-finish.

Our most recent own home before and after. 1 years difference.

I really hope it will prove useful for anyone looking to start a renovation project. I’m also going to create a starter friendly budget planner as I get so many questions about how much things will cost. I have a handy excel to work out costs based mostly on square footage and I’ll be sharing it as soon as I’ve made it internet friendly.

In the mean time, if there are any particular areas you would like help or tips on comment below and I’ll do my best to include them.


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