Interior Predictions for 2019, Antlers, Texture and Rattan!

We’re now on our second renovation in two years and we’re coming to the fun bit, my favourite bit, which involves buying furniture (or at least finding furniture I can’t afford and then finding the alternative that I can) and thinking about all the finishing details. We always try out best in these situations to ‘furnish for the future’ as there’s nothing worse than jumping on board the full-on trend train that steamrollers in and dominates a room only to go off it the following year.

With that in mind, I’ve been doing A LOT of looking, Googling and thinking about what this house should be filled with and what’s set to be ‘oh-so-in’ that it doesn’t go out (any time soon at least!) for 2019. So for anyone interested, my little list of predictions and suggestions is below!

Texture Texture Texture… but in neutral.

Textured tiles, textured curtains, textured rugs and walls. We’re looking at a fairly neutral palette for this place but adding texture wherever possible. I find texture just brings warmth and interest to a room. Mixed fabrics are a great way to start as well as textured and patterned handles, bobbly rugs and embossed wallpaper. We had some lovely embossed wallpaper on the ceilings in this house but sadly they weren’t in a good enough state to keep. Sadly, they are currently in the process of being covered up and Mr Potnoodle has expressed his distaste at putting renewing the embossed ceiling look.

Tufted French cushions are another ‘textured’ item I love and WILL be adding to the house, I’m trying to make one myself in fact so keep an eye out for the ‘how to’ next year!

Antler chandeliers – You heard it here first!

Ok, bear with me on this one.. there’s just something about them. I started being drawn to their spikey good looks on ebay and would you believe it, Amazon. Then I saw them in Matalan’s new lighting collection, which by the way, is brilliant! So I know it’s not just me, there’s something there. And before anyone gets upset, they’re all resin cast ones these days, not the real thing which of course is better not just for the furries but also for our bank balances! I’ve not quite been able to find the one in my head yet but I am determined. If anyone’s selling a ‘bleached look’ Antler light that is more oval than round without the dodgy drippy candle light holders I’m your buyer, get in touch!

antlers lights back in fashion for the home


Mixing of your metals

I used to feel this was a massive faux pas but I’m softening in my old age. I’m liking a mix of pewter or brushed steel and brass especially. Our bedroom is quite a mix of these two at the moment with Buster and Punch mixed metal light switches as well as a mix of brass handles, pewter radiators and a mixture of greys.. it’s all blending in pretty well! Plus is solves the issue of trying to get everything to match.

Terrazzo! But just a little…

Now, any avid readers or Instagram followers will know that I had a battle with Mr Potnoodle for the terrazzo in the bathroom. After an initial flat no, the kind that causes the Mother of all arguments, especially after you’ve been trawling the internet for ten hours to find some tiles you like… He slowly and surely came around to the idea. Now that our bathroom tiles are in and a knock out we’re going back for round two, the new spot being a fireplace hearth. I thoroughly recommend everyone to get just a little bit of terrazzo in their life for 2019.

2019 interiors trend - terrazzo


I believe rattan is about to have a full-on revival and I love that because at the moment it’s cheap, it’s light and it looks great painted! We’re currently waiting on a bed from Feather and Black that’s arriving in January with a rattan headboard but there are obviously all sorts of other ways you can incorporate it easily with chairs, wall dividers, lights… Tika Moon do some great, really affordable headboards too.

rattan ideas for your home

Ribbed glass

A big favourite of mine that we’ve incorporated into the house wherever possible is ribbed glass. I just love it. It adds some interest, texture, reflects lights and makes most things the other side of it look like a Monet painting. Think bathroom windows (instead of that horrible wavey wibbly stuff), cupboard doors, pantries doors, cupboards, anything really! Ribbed glass is relatively cheap to buy, cut to size and also fairly cheap to fit. It goes wonderfully with brass and also comes in colours if you look hard enough… 😍😍Ribbed glass vases, accessories and lights are also all over the place.

cheap ribbed glass accessories


Especially shell lights… but not the hanging multiple round disc ones, the ‘set into gold lattice’ ones… This makes a beautiful shape for lights and generally, it’s a pattern that I love. It would make me happy to see this pattern all over the place, on tiles, on furniture, lamps and more and I am definitely getting a shell pendant light somewhere into the house!




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