I’m Just a Zoom Call Away

Got a new renovation on the go? Got a little pudding in the oven in need of a beautiful room for the imminent arrival? Maybe you have a tired living space that really needs a revamp or you’re dying for a declutter meaning and more storage. Just maybe, you have your eye on a new project and want some advice on whether to dive in head first…

Whatever your interior related sticking points or exciting beginnings may be, I’m here for them. So many of you get in touch from outside London and Kent but sadly due to travel (and Sylvie) restrictions. But I’m changing that. You can now out your design conundrums and dreams to me from anywhere with Interior Design video consultations via Zoom! This means you can show me your home and all your ideas from your computer or phone. We can discuss design ideas, solutions and advice no matter where you are in the UK or abroad! So. Very. Exciting.

Wether it’s tricky floor plan layouts, furniture and home decor selection, stores and brands to consider, paint, wallpaper and window treatments, fixtures, finishes and trims, cabinetry, built-ins, remodel and construction ideas, I’m here for you!

The ceiling’s the limit! Unless you want to talk about the garden too….😉

So whether it’s a full blown renovation of simply a room in need of a refresh you want to speak about, check out the booking page here.

Get great ideas for where to take your space and head off in the right direction, confident of what to do next.

I’m ready and waiting to help make your beautiful home dreaming a reality.


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