Crushing Hard On: Embossed & Anaglypta Walls

When we moved to our current project Mr Pot Noodle instantly pointed out the ‘hideous’ embossed ceiling wallpaper saying it HAD to go. I had a differing opinion and immediately warmed to the textured, somehow regal looking effect of it. Much to my dismay, the ceilings in the property were so bad they had to be taken down so my initial secret discussions with the builders asking them to ‘just leave it and paint it white please’ were never able to be actioned.

Following this, a recent trip to House of Hackney’s showhome, the Loddiges Townhouse rekindled my growing love for a textured wall with an amazing floral embossed floor to ceiling hallway. Stunning.

So to be clear, I’m not talking about nasty textured stuff that was a haunt of the 1930s right through to the 1990s, the ‘popcorn ceiling’ if you will, that brought with it asbestos and basic ugliness, no. This is a far smarter affair that’s a whole world away from anything I would deem unattractive.

Loddiges Townhouse –

After daydreaming of this hallway some weeks past my visit I went on the hunt, initially thinking it was some sort of plaster panelling (such was the quality of the paper) I searched long into the night for ‘plaster wall panels’, ’embossed wall panels’, ‘decorative plaster wall coverings’, and much to my frustration, got nowhere. My last (and probably most obvious) effort was spent reaching out the HOH to ask exactly what it was and there was my answer, Lin Crusta Wallpaper! Wallpaper no less!

Armed with this new knowledge I am on an unwavering mission to get this textured/embossed wallpaper somewhere in my home. I have a little plan emerging which I’ll be sharing with you shortly and after managing the Terrazzo I’m confident I can win the Mr around with similar tactics!

In the meantime, I have taken it upon myself to spread the love of embossed walls through the land in an attempt to make those moving into homes and renovations faced with original examples of this embossed paper to keep it not strip it! You’ll thank me in a few months, promise!

If you don’t have any currently and want to add some to your home, the Lin Crusta is seriously beautiful but also seriously pricy at £220+ a roll, if you have the budget, I’m jealous, off you pop and order…If you don’t, here are some good alternatives –

Anaglypta Alfred

Anaglypta Supaglypta

Remember, these are totally paintable and painted a neutral to match in with other decor will add texture to a room without going overboard on detail, even though they look busy they sit perfectly in the ‘warming the room without over clutter’ camp.

Now to make you love it as much as I do…*


*There are no ceiling examples here, but keep this in mind as I think it’s a great way to incorporate texture into the room and play into the new interiors trend of feature ceilings without going overboard that will suit the more fickle among us.


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