Start-ups…. bloggers…. app creation… it’s all about working for yourself these days. I am a firm believer that working for your self is not for everyone and that working up and getting to the top of someone else’s company ladder is just as rewarding. However, wether it’s getting a promotion and working clever or finding that niche and passion for anew start-up that’s simply calling your name I can help.


Help you to be successful in life and business by being creative, realising the potential of ideas and perspective creating a life you love to live every day – to make you good at life / live the good life at realising your worth and potential.

the realization or fulfilment of one’s talents and potentialities, especially considered as a drive or need present in everyone.

Personal development to be


Clear out crap > Become happy / content with what you already have/ know your worth > Build from firm foundations > Think creatively and constructively with

Correct perspective


currency of the future.

Can shape lives and business


To have ideas you have to have space to let them come


Ideas<<< / <<<Clarity / <<<Perspective


The best possible version of yourself <<<<<<< best life

Strategist to get the best out of life can be very similar to strategies that get the best out of business

I started working in the slash generation where every was or wanted to be a club promoter/photographer/journalist/graphic designer/whatever else came to mind

The goal was an amazing internship to get into a creative world, which was hard to come by so the net was spread wide – hence the sprawling specialities

Then to work for someone else wasn’t enough, you needed to work for yourself, everyone wanted to work for themselves, funding became for widely available and known and the birth of the whole world wanting to be an entrepreneur was created.

Now were in a funny place where you probably feel you’re not fulfilling your potential if you’re working for someone else but financial situations stop you taking the leap – or maybe a lack of ideas does…

We value web hits, blogs, freebies, likes, followers…. But what about the rest of life?



Happy 24/7 in life and work

Because nothing phases you and you can see the good in every situation, because you know that every day you are moving closer to your goals and living life to the fullest at the same time

Build your own empire – build you.