Why You Should Be A Selfpreneur

I am all about the Selfpreneur – far over and above the Entrepreneur. If you are a successful Selfpreneur it will cover every other ‘preneur’ you may want to be.

Currently we are bombarded with the messages telling us to create online businesses, leave our 9-5, be a bad-ass female entrepreneur… And although these are all perfectly great things to be achieving I see very little similar enthusiasm for creating a kick ass life, being as happy as hell in all areas of it and leaving feeling shitty behind.

Building businesses and start-ups is great don’t get me wrong – it’s exciting and rewarding and challenging all at the same time. But I feel that too much focus is placed on being a success in business over being a success in life.  Even more so being a success at working for yourself. It’s a very niche area to succeed in and if you don’t succeed or possibly even more surprising in this climate – if you don’t want to start your own business – what then?

There is more to life than work and there is more to success than a business portfolio and 25,000 followers.

Life is the whole package and everything within that package has it’s own level of importance. It’s the myriad of parts – work, relationships and experiences that come together, supporting one another to equal happiness. You will find it very hard to be truly happy without accepting that this is the case.

It you want to wake up each day feeling amazing you must do your Selfpreneur bit to support your package parts.

Our humble human brains love to compartmentalise things (this is why niche and specific sells – simple) but in reality if you look at your life as a whole rather than a sum of parts a healthy balance can be found.

You will find it easier to succeed at your goals if your plan takes your whole package in to account, embrace the package as a whole and you’ll find more solutions and paths to success. And by success I am not talking a 6 figure bank balance or hitting a million followers – these might be a part of it but what I count as success is feeling happy and contented with your life 90% of the time.

Being a Selfpreneur is about developing a “life model” for yourself. It is about working on acquiring the human and other resources needed to lead a happy and fulfilled life that doesn’t simply rest on achievement in the work sphere.

Why not start concentrating on, reading up about and researching courses on how to be successful at life? You invest time here and you’ll find your goals faster and be happier along the way.


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