Trump : The Poster Boy For Self Belief

America – the land of opportunity! Well – certainly if your name’s Trump it is.

Now I’m not saying I’m a Trump supporter or that he is a brilliant man, or that he necessarily went about his goals in the right way…. he, like most, has many flaws. A few major ones but…… he did what he set out to do.

In 1988 Trump told Oprah he would run for president if he felt the state of the States became really bad. He also said that if he did run, he would win. On the 20th Jan 2017 he was sworn in as the 45th President of the United States.

People laughed at him, people ridiculed him, but he did it.

He didn’t follow the rules and he was the epitome of unconventional.

Who said the President of the US had to have military service in their past and experience in public service? This was never a deal breaker but over the years it has just ‘become’ and until now, what was expected. Trump is the only President in America’s history to have not had a single years experience of either!

He reached out directly to the public and continued to manage his own Twitter as well as campaign, he has a non US born, model wife, he’s already begun to get his kids involved and very much intends to do things ‘his way’.

And, for good or bad he may just have fundamentally transformed how politicians campaign.

Sure he didn’t get the Obama level of turn out for his  inauguration, and we need to forget his faux pas and just look at the bare achievement here to learn the lesson. (Hopefully now that he’s in, he can surprise people further, this time by uniting a country  – somehow – and doing a great job. Hey, he’s done pretty surprising things already, why not this?).

So what can we learn from this Poster Boy for Self Belief?

You don’t need initial experience in something to just get out and do it.

You don’t need to tick every box of the job description to go for an interview.

You don’t always have to take your lead from the status quo.

You CAN do things your way.

Sometimes making your own rules and breaking what’s already there gets you where you want to be. **

If you need a bit of self belief today just take a look at the orange-y smug guy on the telly – he’s the US President. What the hell does that mean you can achieve!

** Obviously so long as you don’t hurt anyone along the way – no one’s advocating that.


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