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I’m really excited to bring you the first section of GLIMPSE.

GLIMPSE is a life changing course covering the 7 fundamentals that will make sure you have a happy and amazing life.

Putting together my 11 years combined experience in coaching, mentoring, building start-ups and working with creatives and small companies I have outlined what I feel are the 7 most important areas to conquer in order to not only achieve true happiness, but to also up-scale your life immeasurably.

This course you will make you feel great and be great, achieve great things, have meaningful relationships and in short, living amazing before you know it. Invest just £24, start today and begin to build the focus, resilience and confidence you need to deal with any goal you set out to achieve.

Whether you want a life outlook overhaul, to re-gain a notion of an authentic ‘you’ or to have a life pivot into a new career this is where you can start. Furthermore, you can start right now, today.


The GLIMPSE Course fundamentals are Gratitude, Logic, Inspiration, Motivation, People, Self and Education. These are 7 vital fundamentals to round you into a person that knows themselves, their true goals and values and how to maintain and achieve them.

At the end of the course you will also find yourself with a personalised reference journal to return to any time you feel the need. Keeping you on track for the whole of 2017 and beyond.

Find out more and enrol here.

Part 2, Logic, comes out in February.


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