If You Can Find An Untrodden Path — Walk It. 6 Excuses That Don’t Wash.

A new way, new idea, new image — we’re almost talking about the impossible nowadays.

It takes a lot at times to push yourself to invest in and stay true to your own ideas and dreams of what you may become, create, or change in the future. And our future, if you are aged between 20–35 is looking a little rocky when it comes to stability, what with jobs, housing and more proving tough for many to find and keep.

One thing we will always have control over however, is how much effort we put in and how committed we are, to our own plans and aspirations- however small, foggy and unsure they may start out. If and when things get harder, providing you remember this fact you will always be able to work on making your ideas and dreams a reality. Those ideas and dreams my shift a little along the way — they may grow into things you never saw in your wildest dreams or you may find contentment where you least expected it, but you would have got yourself there — on your own path.

If all the paths have already been taken, pick up a stick and start beating down the undergrowth- stomp through that instead.

Don’t let other life facts hold you back from taking steps each day to reach your goals. We all may spend a large part of our lives saving up deposits, worrying about the next months rent, how the hell we can manage to scrabble together some savings for when we’re older… That’s just a fact of life we have to deal with — question is — what are you going to do in the mean time?

Everyone has it hard at times, I know. Pushing yourself to do that thing you’ve always wanted to- but are not sure of. It’s ever so easy to excuse yourself out of your goals. And just who suffers when you do that? Well you do of course.

So this is where the bullshit needs to be cut through and you need to separate genuine blocks to your plans from easily believed excuses for not starting.

Below are the top 6 I hear all the time.

1. “I can’t afford it”

No, maybe you can’t at the moment but that doesn’t mean you can’t make a start. When it comes to new business far better to invest less money and more time on a scaled down version of your idea to make sure it works. This is in fact a plus point. If you wait and save a load of money for a start-up you may find you would have gone about things differently having had something smaller to test on and less cash to through at it. Whether you have money or not, challenge yourself to spend the least possible, be creative, find help where you can, sleep on decisions and if needed scale down your idea to it’s bare bones to allow you to start.

2. I’m not good enough.

You know what? Maybe you aren’t but the great news is that no one is stopping you from learning, improving, reading, broadening your knowledge and seeing if you can become good enough. Become an expert, become crazy talented, practice. You may not be able to do exactly what you want today but you can start giving yourself the tools and knowledge today to do exactly what you want in the future.

Or maybe you are good enough and you are hiding behind this excuse. Then you just need to begin and you’ll soon find out if you need to check out the paragraph above this one.

3. There are already people doing similar things to what I want to do.

Well it’s never the best idea to copy, you won’t get anywhere by doing that. You can improve though and you can build on what’s already there. There were mp3 players before there was the ipod, there were food processors before there was the Nutribullet, there were safely guarded diaries before there were blogs.

You will probably ALWAYS find someone doing something similar to what you want to do. The internet is a great tool and also a curse for this. It allows us to access the whole worlds creative and entrepreneurial endeavours and compare them to our own. It also provides such an easily accessed stage that it’s a wonder anything rises above the clamour.

I still get over faced by it all at times.

But the real crux is this — whether you have an improvement on an idea or a truly brand new one — you need to just get on and do it. If you don’t make your idea happen today someone else will make it happen tomorrow.

4. I don’t have time.

Bullshit you don’t have time — you’re reading this. That’s time right there you could be investing in yourself and your own ideas. Do you scroll through Facebook, do you go out for drinks with your friends, do you watch TVin the evenings… Right then…Off you pop.

5. I have a job and I need to keep it.

Sure you do, jobs are massively important — but that doesn’t mean you don’t have the other hours in your day to invest in yourself. Or your lunch hour, or that time the boss pops out for a meeting, or holiday! It’s a luxury to be able to have a stable job whilst trying out something new and busy people get more done. Embrace it, be the best you can be in both and you never know what may come of either.

6. I need to make a big splash so I have to wait for funds, and a total set up to be viable before I start.

Look back to excuse 1. Almost any idea can be scaled down — start small, you will learn so much in the first 6 months to a year of creating anything new be it a freelance career, business or product line, that you will wish you made any mistakes on a small scale rather than a grand scale at the start. You’ll also give yourself solid foundations on which to grow.

Now. Go get busy.


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