Since 2007 I have championed brave creatives as they pushed through glass ceilings, found their true calling and nurtured their talents through my publication Who’s Jack Magazine.

I have coached those leaving jobs, ending relationships, battling creative blocks, embarking on new careers, start ups and more. I have found my niche in helping women that simply want more out of life – better work/life balances, better relationships, better, clearer thinking.

I help women to find inspiration, happiness and success in their day to day lives when they feel stuck, challenged, undervalued, pigeon-holed or not themselves.

I have a number of online courses available and resources on this website including my currently free Mini Coach series.

I only take on a maximum of  5 1:1 clients at any one time with the key purpose of making sure you are getting my full attention and bursting with excitement about the F-ing amazing life you are unlocking for yourself. 

Soon I will be releasing a series of programs that will mean I can take on more clients so watch this space!

How do I work?

I work with you to improve both your outlook and belief systems to encourage what I call, Clean Thinking. Clean thinking is all about being in touch with yourself enough to really see the wood from the trees when it comes to negotiating tough situations, seeing the best in opportunities and controlling emotions.

I also get you crazy motivated and inspired to tackle anything you face head on. Finally reaching a place where you are happy, know how capable you are as a person and are continuously moving forward to new highs whilst staying true to yourself and not forgoing what matters.

If you want to work on unlocking your true potential, being the best possible person you can be and laying waste to anything that’s blocking your path get in touch.


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Your Discovery Call is a 30 minute chat over the phone or Skype. This is where you tell me what it is you want to work on and what you need help with – you tell me your ‘more’. If you don’t have complete clarity on this yet not to worry – that’s what the call is for.

We look at :



>> What’s truly standing in the way of your happiness

>> What key changes can lead to your happy.

>>  Actionable steps to start today.


Want to get started on your own in the mean time? Get my 8 page journal style course to get back in touch with YOU and remind yourself why you deserve more : Get ‘You Matter’ now 


[st_icon_box background=”#ffffff” opacity=”1″ icon=”icon: heart-o” border_color=”#eeeeee” icon_spin=”no” icon_position=”icon-top”]I came to Lu when I decided to begin my Pilates business. There was a lot going on, a move out of London, a change in career and on top of that I was planning a wedding. Lu helped take me through and advise on all the starting aspects of working for myself and creating a successful presence online and business model as well as making sure I had time for my personal life and kept positive and calm about all the changes that were happening. I would say Lu is ideal if you are looking for a rock to help keep calm as you face changes or new situations in life.

-Alex, Glow Pilates [/st_icon_box] [st_icon_box background=”#ffffff” opacity=”1″ icon=”icon: heart-o” border_color=”#eeeeee” icon_spin=”no” icon_position=”icon-top”]

LOF.  Or Lu has been a colleague and a friend for over a decade. I have watched her grow from young London entrepreneur to a seasoned  and creative mind.  I backed Lu in Who’s Jack Magazine over the course of years.  I love the energy and the work ethic that Lu brings to the table. I was compelled to be part of it. Lu has an ideas brain and can think on her feet dissolving barriers to goals like no one else I know.  Follow her. Be inspired by her.

-Edward fitzpatrick. Founder CEO ISEG Limited.[/st_icon_box]

[st_icon_box background=”#ffffff” opacity=”1″ icon=”icon: heart-o” border_color=”#eeeeee” icon_spin=”no” icon_position=”icon-top”]I had an end goal in mind, but lacked the clarity, focus and belief that I could build the path to said goal. But with Louise’s support I was able to not only confidently bring structure to what I was trying to achieve but also enjoyed doing it. My path is now just as amazing to walk as it is to build and I feel I have a new outlook on everyday challenges. I have a new life equipped with an essential array of tools that I reference when a problem arises, and these tools allow myself and those around me to enjoy the rewards from a healthy outlook. Thanks to Louise I think and live differently.

– Andrew Hughes, MD of Gain Ctrl.[/st_icon_box]


*Discovery Calls are free and by no means binding and you will be under no obligation to begin coaching with me after the call.