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I’m Lu, a personal and professional life coach, entrepreneur and motivational speaker.

My courses and 1:1 coaching will give you an amplified view on life, work and what your future could hold. I work with people who want to find and live their most authentic, amazing and full life and those that are striving for work and start-up goals within that.

I focus on the perception, mindful and motivational skills you need to see the huge potential in not only yourself and whatever it is you set your mind to but also each and every day. I help you to make huge leaps towards your goals yet also feel contented during the journey.

Start to smile when your alarm clock goes off.

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More about me?

OK. I have a pretty varied background, but suffice to say, 12 years ago I moved to London after quitting a graphic design degree 1 year in. Over the following 4 years, after being told a number of times I simply was not capable or qualified to be more than an office secretary I decided to take matters into my own hands.

Over the following 8 years I ...

Created and creatively directed Who's Jack Magazine (now WJ London) an 82 page monthly print publication covering fashion, film, music and art. Launched with just £500 over the first year, it secured investment after year 1 and over the following 5 gave Ellie Goulding, Paloma Faith, Tiny Tempah, Example and more their first front covers.

Worked as a private PA for millionaires, organising their lives, businesses and homes whilst being on hand for the trials and tribulations that came alongside.

Advised Venture Capitalists on start-up investments, trends, viable digital/offline business models and collaborations for their own ventures.

Put on an urban festival weekend in Shoreditch, featuring over 13 venues and 30 acts with a team of just 4.

Worked with a number of high profile brands for sponsorship, advertising, events, digital strategy, design and collaboration including Puma, Redbull, O2, Mastercard, Mini, Moleskin, Boxpark, Renault and more.

Oh - and straight after I dropped out of uni, I had to quit my secretarial job in an estate agents 5 minutes before I was sacked. I was then told by recruitment agents that I lacked the CV to work in the creative industries. I went home and taught myself all the skills I needed to follow my own creative industry path - I survived in London for a good 3 years with only £300 a month after rent but I was building what I wanted for myself and working out the best ways to be me along the way. Every day I grew happier.

So what does all this mean for you? Well, it means I have been there. I have felt the disillusion, I have quit, I have tried and failed and tried and succeeded. I have been defiant, I have been totally defeated and I have often had to learn the hard way.

I have spent time with people from a huge spectrum of life and what I have found is that success, money, the 'perfect' life, are no measure of happiness. Time and time again it has been proven to me that so long as you are grateful, aware of the position of privilege you already hold just by being here, not afraid of hard work, aware of your own mind and the power within it you will not only succeed, you will be happy.

That's what I offer, inspiration, motivation and the tools to succeed not only in your life goals but also in happiness as after all - if you are happy you're already winning.

Any of this resonate with you? Can I help you towards your goals?


Then there's the bit that's about more than just you.

I confess I have an ulterior motive...

This site is not just for you. It's also for the next you, the generation coming up behind us. The ones that will probably find a very different world of life and work than ours once they leave school. Even busier, even more challenging and even tougher to make their mark and carve a path true to themselves.

The ones that also may not have the luxury of a clear mind to even begin their journeys with. The ones that have the amazing opportunity to realise the power of positive thought and control over their perceptions earlier than we did. The ones that do not yet know how much potential they hold but we are going to help them to realise earlier than we did - and then just think what they will be able to accomplish. We're all in this together. each one of them that reaches further, aims higher, does better makes a better world for all of us. We have the power to change things now for ourselves and others and they are just starting to.

This generation is still in education, an education that is great for Henry the 8th and Pythagoras but could offer much, much more when it comes to educating for life.

20% of the proceeds from any of the courses and books you buy on this site go to into Project Matter, an initiative that brings talks to schools that inspire, motivate and teach young people the power and breadth of their potential in this life.

Improve yourself whilst offering others a brighter future and above all, be happy.

If you want to find out more, ask about 1 : 1 coaching, speaking or anything else get in touch.