5 Steps To A 6 Figure Mood



You want to feel like 6 figures right? Of course you do. Here are 5 steps that will get you there.


1. Decide to feel good.

Yep – it’s that simple. Repeat to yourself –

“I feel GOOD – nothing will phase me because I trust myself to see the good in any situation and always choose to be happy – that’s why I AM happy.”

If the above doesn’t quite fit make up your own Happy Mantra – repeat it as much as you like but the best time to get it stuck in that brain is as soon as you wake up or as you are falling asleep. Saying it out loud is even better.

If you are too wound up to keep your mind on this mantra or feel too far from happy right now to say it convincingly try the below first-

  • Breathe – in for 4, hold for 4, release for 4.
  • Get Some Air – if you have no garden, just stick your head out of the window.
  • Simply decide you are going to have a great day.
  • Smile to yourself – whether you feel it or not.
  • Drink a decent glass of water.
  • Go to your favourite image sit – Pinterest, Instagram etc, type in Happy and have a scroll.
  • Think of your proudest moment in life so far.

Then say it anyway because even if you don’t feel it the more you say it the more it will become true.

2. Change your pattern.

Take a moment to think through your day – what is your pattern – what are your habits?

Which of these lead to frustration/unhappiness/unease. Sometimes we do things over and over that effect us negatively without having that lightbulb moment where you say to yourself – why don’t I just do this differently?

Some examples?


  • I’m always rushing in the morning – set your alarm and get up earlier.
  • My journey to work is shit, I dread it every day – take a different route, download an audio book/some new music/a language learning app, try to arrange some flexi work from home time.
  • Every morning I scroll through Instagram and it makes me feel I’m missing out – No Instagram in the mornings.
  • I never get done what I need to in a day – give the day more structure and make a solid action plan in the morning. Stick to it.
  • I always feel the need for sweet things in the afternoon then feel bad for having them – Pack an alternative in your bag, or if at home get rid of sweet things in cupboards. Alternatively at that moment get up and walk around a little, repeat your mantra, have a glass of water and continue without.
  • I always go to bed too late and it makes me tired – Give yourself a bedtime and set an alarm as a reminder to SLEEP.

It is our patterns and habits that shape our lives and our moods. The thing about a pattern is that it becomes invisible to you and although often so simple to change you simply don’t notice it’s there. You continue even though it’s negatively impacting your life.

If you want to shoot me some of your pattern frustrations for solutions please do!


3. Drink hot chocolate

So many of us beat ourselves up for having sweet things yet we crave them so much when we are down, tired, in need of comfort and they do help… initially.. and in moderation.

To answer the comfort calling and to ease the guilt of having something sweet or ‘bad’ for you * have a hot chocolate. It’s not as bad as a lot of sweet things out there and it has been proven to help improve focus as the cocoa flavonols improve both moods and levels of alertness. Make it with milk though not water, the protein and carb combination will keep blood sugar levels more stable so as to avoid a slump later on and keep you in your 6 figures.

4. Do a body check in.

We forget our bodies so often. The tense parts, the sore parts, the parts that feel good or uncomfortable and this without us realising effects our mood. Your body is amazing – it does so much for you every day and let’s face it – it’s vital to your time here and you only have one so best pay attention to it.

Feeling in tune with and listening to your body is how you will keep vital feelings (stiffness, tiredness, alertness, short fuses, run down-ness) in check and therefore avoid both illness and crappy feeling-ness.

Take a moment each day to do a body scan. Sometimes it helps to close your eyes.

Focus your attention on where your feet are touching the floor, the weight of them on the floor and how they feel in your shoes – wiggle your toes. Work your way up your body thinking about each section and feeling it – is it hot or cold, how do you clothes feel on it, is it tense? Then relax it. Is it uncomfortable? Solve it. And so on. Move right up through your face – including your jaw, mouth, eyes and forehead relaxing anything that’s tense and questioning anything that’s uncomfortable for a feel better solution.

5. Be the Boss of Technology

You make the decision as to when you look at your phone, not the notification pings. And it should probably be less than you do at the moment..

Give yourself social/Whatsapp/scrolling time and stick to it. It should not be constant. You should feel totally ok with not checking your phone for a few hours (unless of course there is something important or some crisis going on where you need to keep in touch with someone).

If you find this really hard then start with just half an hour or so and work up. Ideally on a quiet weekend you should be perfectly happy to not check your phone for the day.

Cut out following accounts that don’t make you feel good – if constantly looking at glamorous or ‘perfect’ lives is making you question your own – unfollow, unfollow, unfollow.

Put your laptop / phone / tablet away when you’re not using it – whilst having dinner with a friend, whilst watching TV and at least an hour before you go to bed for a better quality of sleep.

The secret number 6 – Break things down.

Whatever it is, however bad, frustrating, annoying it is and however much it’s effecting your great mood, turn your attention to breaking it down.

Take it step by step as little as looking at the physicality of the task / problem. For example, do you start by simply writing an email – which in essence it tapping keys.. that’s easy. Do you start by finding out more so you are prepared – a Google search, some questions, some thinking through…Easy! Do you start by getting yourself somewhere- setting an alarm, booking travel, checking the way….that’s easy… You continue from there to the next ‘easy’ step.

* I must stress here that really guys – everything in MODERATION is totally fine and not a reason to beat yourself up. It is a sign you need to be kinder to yourself give in to what your body is asking for and then move on.